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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Layout: "Stitched on the 4th of July"

Duane and I both worked the 4th of July, so my mom and dad watched the kids for us. Thurman snuck into the shed behind Gabriel and cut his leg on something (we still have no idea what). He ended up getting six stitches! I left work to go be with him, but by the time I got there, he was all done. Mom said he did great. We had to change his bandage daily and he was fascinated by his "boo boo". When we went to get the stitches out, it was a different story. Two of them had become embedded in his skin and it took trips to 3 places before they finally were able to remove them. Yikes! I used a kit called "Let Freedom Ring" by Amy Stoffel. The fireworks are by Scraps by Jenn.

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  1. Certainly, A day I will never forget. Thank goodness, for Gabriel---I think your Dad and Abigail were both glad he was 'proud' of he stitches..... Thanks for a great layout of a really bad experience!