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Thursday, April 25, 2019

"Love Bee-ing a Nurse" Digital Kit

Ouchies, boo-boos and hurties are all the things we need our nurses for. Band-Aids and hugs, blood pressures and support - nurses do it all! I've actually been a nurse for almost 28 years! This adorable kit has a darling “BEE” theme in a red, teal and yellow palette. You shouldn’t BEE surprised to find nurse bees with baBEES, shots and charts. There are x-ray bees and medication bees, too. And of course, you’ll also find flairs, buttons, hearts and strings with all sorts of other nurse-themed elements - more than enough to praise and commend your favorite nurses and medical professionals.

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

"Love the Earth" Digital Kit

Whether you reduce, recycle and reuse everything you touch or you simply don’t litter and pick up extra trash, we all have to love the earth! This beautiful kit is perfect for any level of environmentalist. Full of darling characters hugging the earth, recycling symbols of all kinds, fun, getting-ready-for-spring gardening elements and beautiful filler elements like flowers, ribbons, flairs and stars. The natural-toned papers come in textured solids and adorable patterns. The word strips, cards and titles are all eco-themed, but with a little bit of humor thrown in as well. There are also two complete alphas to finish things off.
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Thursday, April 4, 2019

"Candied Dreams" Digital Kit

Gumdrops, chocolate, peppermints, lemon drops, jelly beans, lollipops and so much more - what’s your favorite? What are your "candied dreams" made of? This yummy kit is full of brightly colored goodness. The palette is a delightful pastel mix of pink, green, blue and purple. The flowers are abundant and beautiful. The buttons and brads, stars and ribbons are plentiful. There are word labels, cards and titles and two full alphas to create your own ingenious accents. But it’s the candy that is innumerable and dazzling! It will leave your mouth watering for some scrapping time (with a dish of your favorite candies to keep you company).

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