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Thursday, January 31, 2019

"Under Construction" Digital Kit

Build it and they will come. You know how much fun it is to build things. This adorable kit is full of everything you need to manufacture wondrous creations AND amazing layouts. It's jam packed with all of the goodies boys and girls love to build with; trucks, tools, cranes, and general chaos! LOL. You’ll find super cute characters, builders, buttons, bows and signs, word art, strings and flowers. The palette is a perfect construction orange, yellow, green and brown. There are both patterns and solids and two complete alphas to finish the project.

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Thursday, January 24, 2019

"Football Fever" Kit / Bundle

Also available as a fantastic bundle!

You know you love it - the running, passing, tackles, fumbles, the touchdowns!!! Yes, we all love our football! You’ll find everything you need for your gridiron layouts - primary colored elements and papers in solids and patterns. You’ll find adorable characters, colorful football-themed elements as well as strings and stars, titles and word tabs, goal posts and, of course, footballs! Catch the fever today!

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

"Rubber Ducky" Digital Kit

Warm water, bubbles, washcloth, towel - baby is just about set for tub time! What’s missing? RUBBER DUCKY! This kit has everything you need for bath time fun! The subtle pastels are perfect for boys and girls and the patterned and solid papers work for any childhood layouts. The kit includes some fantastic word art and titles along with soap, shampoo, a bath brush, hair comb and several tubs. Two full alphas are available for extra bubbly fun.

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Thursday, January 10, 2019

"BInge Watching" Digital Kit

What’s it for you? Baking shows? Reality TV? Medical dramas? What show could you sit and do the couch-potato for hours watching? You’re going to want to grab the chips, the remote and a tall, cool soda and dig into this awesome kit! You’ll find everything you need for a long binge inside this digital package. A couch, easily customizable televisions, a great variety of snacks and drinks and adorable characters. You’ll still find the usual buttons, bow, strings and tapes with the beautiful patterned and solid papers in red, green and gold and two alphas to complete the collection.

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Thursday, January 3, 2019

"Happily Ever After" Digital Kit

Dreams really do come true! Scrap yours with this adorable kit! It has every wish and fairy tale your heart desires. Strong knights and white horses, kings, queens and princesses, too - plus a magic mirror, a castle, majestic dragons, crowns and wands - even a unicorn! In the happiest of palettes - pink, purple and turquoise blue - you have everything you need to create some beautiful fantasy layouts. There are loads of accent pieces as well as clever quotes. Two full alphas the complete the kit! You'll LOVE it for making the most magical pages ever!

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