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Thursday, January 30, 2020

"We've Got Chemistry" Digital Kit

Sparks fly. Hearts race. There’s magic in the air. Oh yes… We've got chemistry! This scientifically love-themed kit is full of fun and pun. Not only are there hearts and stars and loads of love, but you’ll actually find all sorts of chemistry goodies, too! There are beakers and test tubes, goggles and flasks. The darling characters are all dressed in lab coats and a number of word arts are shown with element numbers. Other word arts are titles, cards, and strips as well as two complete alphas in pink and teal. The papers are primarily pink and red, with accents of orange, yellow and teal thrown in. As always, you also get tons of all of the usual scrap necessities like flowers, ribbons, buttons and strings. Perfect for Valentine's Day, romance and love as well as science, chemistry and school related projects, this kit is sure to measure up!

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Thursday, January 23, 2020

"Ready to Pop" Digital Kit

Maybe you’ve waited months. Maybe you’ve waited for years. But now is the time ... you're ready to pop! Darling foot and hand prints and silhouettes of moms, dads, and baby bumps are included in the kit as well as all the layout necessities like strings, scatters, buttons, bows and flairs. The colors run the gambit to cover pink and blue if you know what’s coming - and purple, yellow, orange and green in case you’re waiting to be surprised. There are word art included in the form of strips, title, and cards and you’ll get two complete alphas to create your own.

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

"Game, Set, Match" Digital Kit

"Game, Set, Match!" That's the way a tennis winner is announced - and this kit is definitely a winner! It's packed full of everything tennis, from adorable players to equipment to backgrounds and so much more! Tennis terms are included as well as fun quotes and phrases to give you the advantage for making gorgeous scrapbook layouts. Of course, there are also a wide assortment of flowers, buttons, ribbons, strings and doo dads. Two alphabets complete the kit.

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Thursday, January 9, 2020

"Born to Golf" Digital Kit

"EIGHT!" Nope. "TWENTY-THREE!" Nah. Wait a minute... "FORE"!!! That’s it. Even if you’re not a pro, this adorable kit is a hole in one. Full of tees, clubs, balls and carts, this kit has everything you need for the full eighteen or the miniature course. There are several super cute characters and silhouettes to highlight your layouts along with you basic necessities like flowers, leaves, arrows, buttons, hearts, stars and strings. The papers are solids and patterned in the perfect green, yellow, blue and brown color palette. You’ll find a number of word cards, strips and titles as well as two complete alphas to create your own amazing executive course layout!

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Thursday, January 2, 2020

"Noah's Ark" Digital Kit

They came along, two-by-two, until all were accounted for. God sent Noah to gather all the animals to save them from the flood and this beautiful kit was created to remind us of God's promise to us. You’ll find elephants, fish, giraffes, hippos and monkeys to travel in your ark. There’s a rainbow, of course, and a dove and Noah. There are also some gorgeous general elements like lovely flowers and leaves, graffiti and butterflies, ribbons, strings, tapes and stitches. The papers are done in subtle textured solids, loads of attractive patterns and enchanting watercolor backgrounds. For inspiration, there are titles, cards and strips and there are two full alphas to create your own sayings.

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