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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Layout: "Tractor Crazy"

Our two little ones are completely obsessed with tractors. So when someone Duane works with offered to give him a free riding mower (with a broken mower), he jumped at it. It's perfect for him to ride the boys around on - their very own "tractor". No, Duane doesn't embarrass easily. But it is pretty cute that he's such a dedicated dad! He even bought a wagon to hitch to it for the bigger kids to ride in!

Digital Kit: "Indulge Me" by SuzyQ Scraps

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Layouts: "Tooth Trouble"

Both of our little ones ending up needing extensive dental work. They apparently inherited bad tooth genes from Duane's side of the family. None of my other kids have ever had tooth issues. We have to travel to Baltimore to have their teeth fixed under general anesthesia. As if the travelling and being at the hospital all day wasn't bad enough, we got a flat on the way home and were stuck on I-70 for 1 1/2 hours before the spare unjammed from its holding place under the truck! It was awful - screaming, tired, hungry kids who weren't feeling well. I don't care to repeat that again! But their teeth are beautiful now and healthy and that's all that matters!

Digital Kit: "Toothy Smile" by Lliella Designs and Armina Designs

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Easter Layouts!

I wanted to showcase a couple Easter layouts. I picked Caleb's because he looked so slick in his new dress shirt and tie. And I picked the family layout, because the little animals in this kit were just too darn cute! I tend to have trouble using elements like the animals that need "grounded", but I thought this one turned out pretty good!

Digital Kit: "Bunny Imposters" by SuzyQ Scraps.

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Layout: "Don't Ask"

Sometimes the things kids do just make you shake your head and not even try to make sense of it. This was one of those times! Gabriel thought it would be fun to put those rubber "popper" toys on his forehead. They stuck. Enough to give him bizarre looking red marks that lasted for days.

Digital Kit: "Too Cute to Spook" by SuzyQ Scraps

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