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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Layout: "Love Fights Fair"

I was doing The Love Dare challenge from the movie "Fireproof" and I came up with this layout to remind my hubby about the "fighting rules" we agreed to so that hopefully we will keep things from escalating to a damaging level. I printed it, we signed it, I framed it and then hung it on the wall in our room. I used a kit called "Celebrate Love" by Shel Belle Scraps.

PS - "The Love Dare" is an awesome book about love. Even if you don't want to do the daily challenges, the 40 days worth of devotional reading is more than worth the few dollars the book costs. Every chapter is just a few pages and it's all about love and marriage and gives new insights into both.

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  1. I truly hope you can stick with these words!! With 6 kids and the economy, it will take a special commitment. Love to both of you!