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Thursday, November 7, 2019

"The Nifty Fifties" Digital Kit

Wanna stop by the diner and grab a hot dog and malt? How ‘bout we cruise main street in the convertible or stroll hand-in-hand? Whatever your style, this is the perfect kit to show off vintage photos or fun themed parties. It's packed full of wildly sweet items that will transport you back to the fifties. Darling characters in pompadours, leather jackets, poodle skirts and ponytails along with bow ties, ice cream sodas, jukebox, roller skates and records are all included. You’ll also find hearts, stars, ribbons, strings, tapes, leaves, flowers and buttons. The retro-toned palette includes shades of yellow, green and red. The papers are solids and patterns and scenery. There are also some swell word arts and two complete neat-o alphas!

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