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Friday, June 5, 2009

Layout: Just Have Fun

We took the kids (yes, all 6 of them) to Lakemont Park in Altoona, PA last weekend. It's part amusement park (with some pretty cool rides) and part water park (I no longer do swimsuits, but I did get my feet wet - LOL). For $10.00 per person for admission, you can't beat it. And the best part - there was virtually no one else there! No waiting in lines for rides - it was so awesome! We all had a blast!

I got a brand new kit I couldn't wait to try out for Abigail's layout about our fun day. The kit is by Shanmomto4 Designs and it's called Lazy Summer Days. I recently discovered the use of templates which I LOVE! It makes it so quick and easy and I love adding my own touches. The templates for this layout are by ChrissyW.

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  1. Very nice layout---the roller coaster makes me dizzy just looking at it.