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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

"Christmas in July" Digital Kit

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, Christmas falls in the winter months which for many of us are cold and blustery with a chance of snow. But for those living in the southern hemisphere, their cold season falls during the months when many of us are experience toasty hot weather. "Christmas in July" is a bit of an unofficial holiday and traditional celebrations depend on where you live. This kit was inspired by that holiday name and is perfect for those who experience their Christmas in the sweltering heat. After all, even Santa would roast wearing his traditional red suit in that kind of weather! It's also fun to think of Santa taking a nice, tropical vacation after delivering all of those gifts - the man needs a break, after all. This kit includes several adorable Santas, holiday-themed ocean critters, a super cute "sandman", trees, a turkey cooking on a festive grill and so much more! There's also a large selection of everyday elements including buttons, brads, flowers and ribbons. A full alphabet in the traditional Christmas colors of red and green is included. The tropical color palette includes sky blue, blush pink, cherry red, lime green, sunny yellow and sandy tan.

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