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Thursday, May 16, 2019

"Tickled Pink" Digital Kit - Flamingos!

“PINK, is my signature color…” You know you’ve heard that line before! Well, here is the kit for you if you love pink, too. And frankly, who doesn’t? Or who doesn’t know someone who does? A multitude of shades of pink, complemented by greens and adorned by flamingos. TICKLED PINK is simply pinkalicious! Watermelons, strawberries, flamingos, and sweets fill this collection. The word art is clever, funny and sentimental. There are papers in sandy colors, patterns and subtly-textured solids. Two beautiful alphas round out the kit.

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Thursday, May 9, 2019

"More Than a Mom" Digital Kit


A hero, a friend, a fighter, a protector, giver of life... This colorful kit celebrates everything we love about our moms. The palette is pink, purple, turquoise, blue and orange. Brilliant beads, jewels and flowers, tea cups, ribbons and stars highlight this collection. The papers are delicately patterned and include glitter and textured solids too. The characters in this collection are darling bears showing love for their moms in various ways. Two full alphas are included too.

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Thursday, May 2, 2019

"Desert Heat" Digital Kit and Bundle

You’re out in the heat, not a drop of water for miles. But the beauty and colors are dazzling! You’re in the desert heat! The stunning desert palette is turquoise, orange, yellow and browns and has papers in textured solids and exciting patterns. The elements included in the kit have everything you need to create amazing themed layouts. There are succulent florals, wispy feathers and curly ribbons. There are also several desert animals, pottery, symbols and two full alphas. If you’re a desert lover or just a lover of the southwest colors and themes, you have to grab this kit today!

Want more? I also have this fantastic bundle with even more goodies!

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