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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Layout: "Ticket to Ride"

We took the kids to Del Grossos last month. Gabriel and Christian had a blast on lots of rides and really loved the water park. Abigail hung out with me a lot and I enjoyed getting to go on a bunch of rides with her. She even talked me into going on the Free Fall - which I did NOT enjoy. I kept my eyes closed the entire time. Never again. Thurman and Logan had a great time going on all the kiddie rides - I even talked them into going on the Tilt A Whirl (one of my faves). Thurman loved it and even went on a 2nd time. Logan, however, did not like it so much. He yelled "I'm done, I'm done, I'm done!" the entire time. Abigail and I laughed like lunatics! (Okay, it's not like I could get him off the ride anyway and he was of course, perfectly safe.) Duane - who has no sense of humor - didn't appreciate our having a laugh at Logan's expense. Unfortunately, his attitude remained the rest of the day. However, I still enjoyed my time with the kids!

Digital Kit: "Amusement Park Fun" from Stuff to Scrap.

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