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Thursday, August 15, 2019

"Super Dad" Digital Kit

Mild mannered working man by day, superhero by night? Or have we got that backwards? Either way, our guy is SUPER DAD! Maybe he’s changing the diaper while feeding the cat. Maybe he finished the monthly report while letting the dog outside. Maybe he mowed the lawn, took out the garbage AND remembered Mom’s birthday! This kit has got all you need to promote your favorite dad to SUPER DAD! In the perfect SUPER DAD colors of blue, red and yellow, of course, you’ll find some super, lightly textured solids and boldly printed patterns as well as some awesome grunge backgrounds. There are strings, stars, ribbons and hearts, a telephone booth to make a quick change, a mask to protect his true identity and some WHIZ, BANG and inspiring word art! There are also two complete alphas to create your own beginnings and endings.

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